Ireland and the Wobbly World: conference recordings


The Irish Centre for the Histories of Labour & Class held a very successful conference over Friday and Saturday 11-12 November 2016 titled ‘Ireland and the Wobbly World’.

The proceedings were recorded and are available to listen to below.

We would like to thank everyone who presented and attended over the weekend, you made it a superb event!


FRIDAY, 11 NOVEMBER, Hardiman Building, GO10

Panel 1, 2.00 pm: Chair: Sarah-Anne Buckley, ICHLC
Jim Larkin, Jack Carney and the American Irish Worker (1917), James Curry
Patrick J. Read’s ‘Irishness’ & the Creation of the Wobbly Mythos, Matthew White
Joe Hill and Ireland, Francis Devine



From left to right James Curry, Matthew White, Francis Devine and Sarah-Anne Buckley 

Panel 2: 3.45: Chair: Prof. Terrence McDonough, ICHLC

The Rebel Irish & the IWW: The Roots of American Syndicalism, Kristin Lawler
Sacco and Vanzetti and the Radical Irish World, Niall Whelehan
From Socialist to Syndicalist, to Communist: The political development of William Z. Foster, 1904-1922, Liam Ó Discín


From left to right: Niall Whelehan, Liam Ó Discín, Kristin Lawler

‘Rebel Voices: Galway Wobbly Connections’

8 pm Function Room, John Keogh’s, Upper Dominick Street

Chair: David Convery, ICHLC

Peter Yorke: A Galway priest & the San Francisco labor movement, Tadhg Foley
Elizabeth Gurley Flynn: A Galway Rebel Girl, Meredith Meagher
The Syndicalist Trajectories of Tom Glynn & Mary Fitzgerald, John Cunningham

Unfortunately due to a technical issue, Tadhg Foley’s presentation was not recorded and so does not appear on this track. Catherine Connolly TD was due to chair this session but was unable to do so. It was instead chaired at short notice by David Convery of the ICHLC. Hence the remark concerning deputy Convery at the beginning of the audio.


Tadhg Foley on right speaking to a packed audience on Fr Peter Yorke at John Keogh’s


Meredith Meagher and John Cunningham at John Keogh’s


SATURDAY, 12 NOVEMBER, Hardiman Building, GO10

Panel 3, 10.15 am. Chair: Jamie Canavan, NUI Galway
Connolly the Marxist Socialist, but what sort? Bolshevik, Menshevik or Industrial Democrat? The ideological impact of the IWW, Manus O’Riordan
Industrial Unionism and Social Democracy: Connolly as vector of organising principles, Gavin Mendel-Gleason
‘We Irish are a working race’: Connolly & Flynn in the United States, Stephen Thornton


From left to right: Jamie Canavan, Stephen Thornton, Gavin Mendel-Gleason, Manus O’Riordan

Panel 4, 12.00, Chair: Mary Gibbons, Galway Council of Trade Unions
Captain Jack White: Syndicalist? Leo Keohane
Syndicalism as a dirty word: Press coverage of radical trade unionism in early twentieth century Ireland, Donal Fallon
Patrick Quinlan: nationalist or militant IWW member? Gerry Watts


From left to right: Mary Gibbons, Leo Keohane, Donal Fallon, Gerry Watts

Keynote address, 2.15 pm: Chair: Tish Gibbons, SIPTU
‘Romances and Erasures’, David Howell


From left to right: David Howell and Tish Gibbons

Panel 5, 3.30 pm Chair: Jackie Uí Chionna, NUI Galway

American Reactions to the 1916 Rising, Luke Gibbons
Rebel Women and the IWW, Teresa Moriarty
The Irish & the Mooney case: a miscarriage of Justice in California, John Borgonovo


From left to right: Jackie Uí Chionna, Luke Gibbons, John Borgonovo, Teresa Moriarty


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