Upcoming event: James Connolly: Life, Death and Legacy

The Irish Centre for the Histories of Labour & Class  in association with the Galway Council of Trade Unions present

ConnollyA panel discussion on

James Connolly: life, death, and legacy

Preceded by short excerpt from

The Non-Stop Connolly Show,

performed by Margaretta D’Arcy

Galway Mechanics Institute,

Middle Street

Thursday, 18th February, 8 pm

Admission FREE



The Panellists

PBuckinghamPeter Buckingham is a professor of History at Linfield College, Oregon. He has published widely on American labour and radicalism, and is currently a visiting scholar, Moore Institute, NUI Galway.




Meredith Meagher is currently completing a PhD at the University of Notre Dame. She was employed as a researcher on the RTE documentary series The Rising, and is a committee member of the ICHLC



TMoriartyTheresa Moriarty is a labour historian with a particular interest in the history women at work and in trade unions. She is an honorary president of the Irish Labour History Society.




EOConnorEmmet O’Connor is a Lecturer in History at the University of Ulster. His most recent works are Big Jim Larkin: hero or wrecker (2105) and Studies in Irish Radical Leadership, co-edited with John Cunningham (2016).




MHarrisMary Harris, chairperson of the panel, is an authority of the revolutionary period, 1912-23. She is a lecturer in History and Co-ordinator of NUI Galway’s 1916 Commemorative Programme.





Non-Stop Connolly Show


The Non-Stop Connolly Show, a drama in 6 parts over 24 hours, was one of the great drama ‘by John Arden & Margaretta D’Arcy, looks at different periods in James Connolly’s life: Boyhood; Apprenticeship; Professional; The New World; The Great Lockout; World War and the Rising. Trying to persuade a journalist to attend the show in 1975, D’Arcy reassured him that ‘the whole thing will no more demanding than say, Upstairs Downstairs [the Downton Abbey of its day].’

The Connolly Show was first staged in full in Dublin’s Liberty Hall over Easter weekend, 1975. Directed by the authors with Jim Sheridan & Robert Walker, the play’s joint producers were the Irish Workers’ Cultural Centre, the Irish Transport & General Workers’ Union and Official Sinn Féin. An abridged (11 hour) version, The All-Night Connolly Show was produced at the Galway Grammar School in May 1975, under the auspices of University College Galway’s Political Discussion Society.




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