Francis Devine, ICHLC Visiting Scholar, October 2015

Francis Devine is ICHLC Visiting Scholar at the Moore Institute for October 2015. francis_devineWhile at NUI Galway, he will lead a seminar entitled ‘The ITGWU and the Irish Revolution’ (Wed., 14 Oct., 4 pm, Hardiman Building, Room 1001) & carry out research on an asylum strike in Letterkenny & on the history of trade unionism at University College Galway. Francis is available to meet students and staff. Write to him at

Francis Devine is a noted historian of the Irish and British labour movements, the author of many books and articles including Siptu: Organising History (2009). He has been editor of Saothar: journal of Irish Labour History. A council member of Comhairle Bhéaloideas Éireann, and member of the Expert Advisory Group on Commemorations, he is also a notable traditional singer, and an activist of the Musicians’ Union. His CD My Father Told Me was released in 2014

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